Healthy Office Snack Box

Healthy Office Snack Box contains lots of  sample tests

  • Tiger Peanuts - From Mae Hong Son Province Thailand

    Tiger bean is a famous bean of Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.

    Traditional Tiger Nuts On the beans there is a clear tiger pattern. sweet taste Delicious, mouth-watering, typical of tiger nuts.

    Tiger Nuts with Hidden Pattern The beans will have a faded color, the tiger pattern on the beans will fade. Therefore, it is the origin of the beans that hide the pattern.

     Traditional Tiger Nuts Medium size 500 grams 160 baht

     Traditional Tiger Nuts  Large size 1000 grams 250 baht

     Tiger Nuts with Hidden Pattern  Medium  size 450 grams 170 baht

     Tiger Nuts with Hidden Pattern  Large size 1000 grams 250 baht

  • Champagne Pomegranate Jam (Premium)

    Champagne Pomegranate Jam (Premium)

    The perfect balance between Champagne and Pomegranate from Thailand.

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Thai Coffee Beans - (Medium Light Roast)

    Coffee Beans - (Medium-Light Roast)

    From the experience of roasters for more than 30 years with special expertise in roasting, Therefore, there is a recipe for roasting in the Blaine style, which is a roast that is the secret recipe of the roaster. This makes the roasted coffee beans have a special flavor and aroma even more. "Coffee lovers must be delighted"
    The taste of coffee will be sour. followed by the sweetness of coffee It's nuts and chocolate. Secretly smells a little orange and honey at the end, clearly pulling out the unique identity of Doi Thepsadej Coffee.
    If anyone has not tried I have to try.

  • Raspberry Dark Chocolate Jam

    Raspberry Jam dark chocolate
    One of the best selling flavors of Chocolate Lovers.
    Dark chocolate flavored, fragrant
    Merge Raspberry sweet and sour
    It's refreshing, plus it smells good.
    Carefully simmer the ingredients together. without added sugar
    until the mellowness ..I can't stop tasting it.
    Serve with bar gat bread, scones, and ice cream.
    Or it can be used as an ingredient in bakery menus as well.

This product is currently unavailable.

Thai Snack Box contains lots of  sample tests

Additional information

Champagne Pomegranate Jam (Premium)

Weight 220 g
Jar Size

400 – 480ml, 250 – 300ml

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Jam

Weight 220 g
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